Printed lenses

Cantor & Nissel Prosthetic

A printed soft prosthesis lens for everyday use that is available in both spherical and toric design.
Available in different color tones that are almost of photographic quality and can be obtained with open or closed pupil.

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Nissel Custom

A colored soft prosthetic lens that is available both spherical and toric with a water content of 77% from Cantor & Nissel.
It is available in over 100 different color combinations. Large width of parameters. For the best match, order a color map from us and choose based on it.

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NOTE!  Recommended cleaning solutions for Cantor & Nissel products.

Supra 55 Colors

Supra 55 Colors are printed monthly lenses that have a natural look. The color covers most of your eye color but lets through some of your original color for a more vivid look. Also works against dark eyes to get a lighter hue.

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