Optimum sight and appearance.

We have extensive experience in contact lens manufacturing and dyeing of lenses. Manufacturing takes place in craftsmanship, which makes us very flexible.

Starlens in brief

  • Deliver to opticians
  • doctors and wholesalers
  • Tailor-made stable lenses
  • Tailored soft 6-month lenses
  • Staining of lenses
  • Lenses for keratoconus patients etc.
  • Medical lens adaptations and dyes
  • Monthly lenses
  • Lens consultancy
  • Sample lenses
  • CE marking
  • ISO certification
  • Swedish manufacturing
  • Delivery within 5 working days

We make contact lenses together with you as a customer

Our big challenge is special lenses. Manufacturing takes place in craftsmanship so we have great opportunities to tailor as needed. In complicated cases, we are happy to help solve these together with you.

Our company is quality certified with CE-marked lenses

The company, with Irene Albèr as CEO, is run as a limited company and is quality certified according to MDD and ISO 13485. Our lenses are CE-marked.

Our delivery times

We deliver normally within 5 working days and the manufactured special lenses within ten working days from order with a one-month customization guarantee (does not apply to monthly lenses).

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