Medical rigid lenses

Our stable lenses can be adapted to, among other things, special lenses for correction after transplanted cornea - single-curved 3P. We have extensive experience of working with eye clinics and customizing lenses for medical needs. It can be about adaptation at keratoconus, scarring, visual rehabilitation, post-surgery, complex vision corrections.

Dyna Z Intra-Limbal

Larger lens diameter 11.2. A good alternative for keratoconus patients.

Parameters Optional
Trial set Are available to borrow.
Star-Lens 3P design

The lens is perfect for and after keratoconus surgery. Diameter: 11.5

Parameters Optional
Trail set Are available to borrow.
Keratoconus design

Smaller lens for keratoconus fitting. Diameter from 8.80 to 9.60 BR from 5.70 to 8.00. Made in Boston XO material.

Parameters Optional
Trial lenses Are available to borrow.